Stigma-Free Language

Manitoba Harm Reduction Network:
The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network works toward equitable access, systemic change, and reducing the transmission STBBI through advocacy, policy work, education, research and relationships:
The Winnipeg Peer Working Group is an advisory council of People Who Use Drugs. They have been concerned and harmed by the portrayal of People Who Use Drugs in the media that paints them as dangerous and criminal. This great resource was developed by the Winnipeg Peer Working Group, about how to talk in the media, and beyond, about People Who Use Drugs.

The World Drug Perception Problem: Countering Prejudices About People Who Use Drugs:
This Report by the Global Commission on Drugs aims to analyze the most common perceptions and fears, contrast them with available evidence on drugs and the people who use them, and provides recommendations on changes that must be enacted to support reforms toward more effective drug policies. Full report: