BIPOC Legal List

We are seeking Black, Indigenous, and Person of Colour identifying lawyers and legal representatives for the creation of the “BIPOC Legal Resource List”, a free and open-source document aimed at connecting those seeking legal representation from a BIPOC-identifying professional.

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@cmhrstoplying addressing anti-Blackness and other forms of institutional and structural racism within the Canadian Museum for Human Rights: “#cmhrstoplying was specifically born out of the frustration that came from watching the CMHR use the death of George Floyd and the current focus on black lives that came out of communities’ responses as a platform to engage in performative valuing of Blackness. We very confidently say that this was performative, given our own experiences inside the museum and those shared with us since starting the hashtag.”
@ithappensinwinnipeg is first-person accounts of anti-Blackness, discrimination, microaggressions and racialized violence experienced by Black people in Winnipeg, Canada.

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"BIPOC Legal Resource List
Call for BIPOC Legal Workers

Black, Indigenous, and Person of Colour identifying lawyers and legal aid for new Winnipeg resource list. All specialties accepted, high demand for sliding scale/pro-bono providers for low-barrier access. Information will be used for a new, free resource list for BIPOC community members.

To sign up contact:
call/text: 204-451-2455