Five Year Plan

After extensive surveying with community residents and other forms of engagement with agencies and stakeholders, the 2018-2023 Central Neighbourhoods Five Year Plan with priorities set by the community was launched in March 2018.

All of Central Neighbourhoods activities are planned to respond to these priorities. All Central Community Incentives applications are weighted against this plan in order to be approved.

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Latest Five Year Plan News

Poster with image of campfire pit with wooden chairs and tree stumps around a circle on top half of poster. Bottom half with black text that reads: People Who Love People Who Use Substances: A monthly community-led, harm reduction, non-faith based, support group for friends and family with loved ones who use substances and experience mental health issues. Online meeting on October 23, 2020 at 6pm CST on Zoom chat. To register and receive Zoom link and password: Contact Chance at Bottom margin text of poster reads: To learn more about the PWLPWUS Commitee, please visit: Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg, 231 Isabel Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3A 1H2.

People Who Love People Who Use Substances Support Group

A new peer-led group of individuals who support and love someone who uses substances and experience mental health issues.

The PWLPWUS committee and group was created due to the lack of community connection for friends and family wanting to support their loved ones through a harm reduction, non-faith based framework.…

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