Central Neighbourhoods Advisory Committee

The Central Neighbourhoods Advisory Committee (CNAC) was created to lead the process of community engagement for the Central Neighbourhoods (Central Park, Centennial and West Alexander), during the transitional period after the folding of the Central Neighbourhoods Development Corporation (CNDC) in the spring of 2017.

To this day, the CNAC gives directives on implementing the new 5 Year Plan and is responsible for decisions around the Small Grant program. The Committee is composed of residents and representatives of agencies and the business sector in the Central Neighbourhoods. Elections for the CNAC are held yearly at the Annual General Meeting.

Are you interested in joining the CNAC or learning more?

Contact the Director at director(at)cnwpg(dot)org.


Gail Anderson - Indigenous Representative

James Dixon - Local Agency Representative

Gord Dong - Centennial Resident Representative

Warren Goulet - Local Agency Representative

Lin Howes-Barr - Host Agency Representative

Angie Mojica - Community Member (Member at Large)

Raymond Ngarboui - Local Agency Representative

Bijaya Pokharel - Newcomer Representative

Chantal Ramraj - Community Member (Member at Large)

David Sveinson - Central Park Resident

Anne Thompson - West Alexander Resident Representative