COPE Training Session March 9

Central Neighbourhoods Winnipeg, Manitoba Harm Reduction Network, and BarNone are proud to present “Community Peacebuilding” (COPE), a workshop on: destigmatizing substance use, capacity building around violence prevention, and addressing crisis within the community. Sign up will be first come, first serve and registration can be done by:
Call/text (204) 451-2455
*Please provide full preferred name, pronoun, & any allergies*
[Picture ID: Blue gradient background with geometric shapes. Black text logo on the left reads: Central Neighbourhoods Centennial – West Alexander – Central Park. Dark grey text on right reads: COPE Community Peacebuilding Workshop. Building community capacity to support individuals and prevent crisis. January 29 1-4pm 231 Isabel Street. Black text in bottom left corner reads: To register contact: or call text (204) 451-2455]
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